Buhler ACL

Buhler Active Living Centre

The Buhler Active Living Centre is another great example of the City of Winkler providing housing and care facilities for their aging population. The Active Living Centre is will be a new eight storey “Powersmart” complex in downtown Winkler. The main floor is devoted entirely to activities and services for seniors. It includes an administrative centre, multipurpose space, games, theatre, gym, craft shop, hair salon, a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, private dining and a cafe that will provide meal service, both to walk-in clients and building tenants.
The second floor is dedicated to supportive living units. The floor is comprised of two ‘pods’ of twelve single units with a common corridor providing services such as a cooking kitchen, assisted bathing, dining and living areas. Also included in the common space is an office, library, medication lock-up room, laundry and linen storage. An outdoor terrace for good-weather events is provided on the second floor above the main floor multi-purpose space and cafe. Access to the terrace is provided from the second floor elevator lobby.
Above the second floor are six additional housing floors including 48 more modest Manitoba Housing suites and 24 larger market rate units at each end. The Manitoba Housing Units include Juliette Balconies whereas the market rate suites include walk-out, precast concrete balconies.The building has an underground parking garage and some surface parking. The base of the building is clad and fully wrapped in Tyndall Stone up to the second floor. The upper levels including the crowning parapets are finished with an acrylic finished exterior system.