Crocus Village funk architect

Crocus Village

Completed in the spring of 1997, Crocus Village is a 9-storey, mixed-use 67 unit commercial/housing complex including 100% underground parking. The location is downtown Winkler in the heart of the commercial sector. The residential lobby at the main floor level provides a year round internal connection between the upper residential levels and the commercial level.

Housing units range from 3 varying sizes of one-bedroom units to 3 varying sizes of two bedroom units. A central boiler hot water system converts to forced air systems in the units through the use of fan coils. Balconies are recessed into the exterior walls to give protection from the wind and side-walls are angled to provide views out from living rooms to the outside, achieving a seamless extension from inner to exterior spaces.

Windows were carefully sized and located to allow large amounts of daylight to enter the units. As studies show, this is an important consideration for supportive and elderly living units. The windows also extend low enough so as to give a view down towards grade level, an item often overlooked in the planning of apartment buildings. The upper residential component also contains a fellowship room with a kitchen/storage on the 2nd level, a boardroom and office on the 3rd, an overnight suite on the 4th level, and amenity spaces on all remaining levels.

The exterior materials are all of durable and low-maintenance types: brick for the commercial base, Tyndall stone, stucco, and pre-finished metal for the upper residential levels.  The ground floor commercial level also features a continuous canopy from end to end as protection for an exterior concrete walk.