Grant Memorial Baptist Church Funk Architect Winnipeg

Grant Memorial Baptist Church

The new Grant Memorial Baptist Church addition features a prominent “beacon” at the main entry, gaining better visibility for the church that is set back from Wilkes Avenue.  The 7,000 square foot addition and 3,500 square foot of renovations provides a large new flexible space designed to accommodate circulation and gathering space needs.  It also provides a sense of connection and transparency to the greater community, and serves as a hub of activity – a central place where visitors to the building can congregate before and after meetings and other events.

The refreshed exterior provides a more contemporary and welcoming image.  The tyndall stone chapel is accented to the side and is separated by the office entrance.  Expansive curtainwall glazing along the new gathering area forms a connection from exterior to interior while the main entry features a prominent canopy and “beacon” component.

The new addition features large, flowing multi-use spaces geared toward flexibility and connectivity, all with an abundance of natural light filling the space.  This is contrasted by the chapel which is an intimate space with random punched windows with varying colours.  The space is accented by the warmth of a wood tiered ceiling.