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Sinclair Park Community Centre

The award-winning expansion and renovation of Sinclair Park Community Centre is the culmination of a collaborative process informed by extensive community and stakeholder input. The IDP design process commenced after completing an existing-building assessment and involved working closely with city representatives and community centre board representatives to establish a consensus based building program. The end-result achieved LEED Silver certification and embodied the wishes of the community: open and flexible multi‐use spaces, large amounts of natural light, easy supervision with no public corridors, high durability and low maintenance materials, and best practice barrier-free / accessible design.

The building embraces a best-practices approach to accessibility and was the recipient of a City of Winnipeg Accessibility Award in 2011. Accessible features include tactile surfaces on sidewalks for way-finding, high-contrast entrances, gently sloped ramps, low-VOC finishes, and operable doors for all key spaces. Interior and exterior finishes were selected for durability, high recycled and regional content, and low VOCs.

The building is planned to optimize circulation while yielding an efficient floor plate with spaces that are adaptable to varied programmatic requirements. Emphasis is on creating a sense of transparency and safety, achieved through the elimination of corridors, use of large multi-purpose circulation routes, and strategically placed glazing that fills the interior with daylight while not compromising the overall performance of the building’s envelope.

Approximately half of the existing building was in poor condition and not suitable for reuse. The resultant strategy incorporated part of the existing structure while salvaging and recycling materials from the portions that were deconstructed. The reused portions were fully upgraded to seamlessly match the energy efficiency and barrier-free standards of the new addition.